Sunday, May 30, 2010


Greg fit in real well with Hunter, Matt, and I when he was hired. Quickly, too. He scared Ron so badly one morning that Rondito spilled tea all over himself. A legendary turn, that one. Greg and I also became incredibly proficient at distracting Ron with work while the other put a vulgar post-it on his back. We loved it when he'd come back red-faced and tell us that the president of the Press asked him if he pees sitting down like the note suggested. All in all Greg is a wonderful jackass that I wish was still around. He was the one person out of us all to have the vision and financial wherewithal to actually quit the Press.

Kudos to you Captain Greggles! I salute you, sir.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Wow. Another episode in the saga of Matt and his strange out of place rages. I'm not sure why he did this to the door. And while it's embellished a little, he did break that door. And he does own that shirt. And it does stand for Bad Ass Mother Fucker.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Like many businesses the Press has a secretary in the front office. Often she has to come on the loud speaker to tell people they have phone calls, or packages, or whatever. But Charlotte's delivery is this awful screech that seems to come from an antediluvian time! Ron always dreaded hearing his name on the loudspeaker, "RAAAAWN!" He always felt like he was going to be dinner for pterodactyl babies! I don't blame him, that sound probably haunted his dreams.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Going to be Late for Work; Godzilla on 270!

There was a period of time where Hunter was late for work a few times. Most people just say they over slept, but Hunter is unlike most people. You see, he wasn't late because his alarm didn't go off or anything so mundane. No. He was late because Godzilla had been dropped on the Columbus outer belt! A few days after that he had to ride his giant spider to work to get through the mess.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stickered Seat

This is a crowd favorite. In fact, these pictures are from the second time I coated Matt's chair in stickers! Some people collect stickers. I share them. Matt didn't appreciate it the first time, he just stomped over to his chair and flailed at them until they all flew off onto the floor. Where they promptly landed sticky side down. I swear it was like a freshly buttered slice of toast! Many stickers still remain under his feet to this day. The rest he swept under the rug, literally. When the guy came to replace the rug the next week a bunch of stickers went flying everywhere.

The second time around Matt handled it with a little more aplomb. He casually wiped them into his hand and threw them away. Lesson learned, I'd say. I love helping people.