Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who's That...?

Wonder Man! Yes, Marvel Comics can't miss an opportunity to license a character just to keep their competition from doing it (see Captain Marvel). I chose this costume because it's probably his least lame one. Google him. See what you come up with. It's not pretty.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


When your tummy growls
and you're on the prowl,
put down the other guy's
and reach for some Hunterpies!

I've been meaning to put this picture up for a while now. But I just couldn't justify a weekly post with this one fantastic picture. See, we were cutting something on our snazzy new flatbed automated cutting table and it was leaving some awesome circles. Just the right size to fit over your eyeballs! So we doodled some chucklesome pupils on them and tried them out. If only we'd had a meeting and we all could have pretended to pay attention...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paper Dolls

Finally got the scanner moved into my studio! I spent the better part of the afternoon scanning drawings, so I'm going to be busy scribbling colors onto them. Here's to hoping I stay within the lines. Or not.

Take this fella for example. Trapjaw was a mainstay bad guy for He-Man. Combine my love for 80s junk that I grew up on and inspiration from more modern awesomeness like Little Big Planet and voila! Paper doll villainy! I've been meaning to do more stuff like this. Veering from my comfort zone and being more creative. I think I managed to pull it off this time.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I promised a couple of people that I'd update a second time this week since I was so lazy (busy owning The Who's Pinball Wizard on Rockband2) to post Sunday. Yes, I'm looking at you Hunter and Zach! Here we go with a Very Special Thursday update!

You might be asking yourself," WTF is that? It looks like nothing." Oh but you would be wrong! That my friends is the gentle curvature of Mark's rotund food storage tank. His distended tummy!

Mark was in need of something to gnosh on. So he goes into the little hidey closet that disguises our office fridge for a snack. From here on the details get a little fuzzy. Maybe he was hiding so he could scare Matt. But I was honestly laughing so hard I could barely take this picture!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Very Special Tuesday Update

When is an update day not an update day? When you call Monday your day to post but usually update on Sunday because you've got more free time! And after all of that I still didn't post on Monday. Now on to the doodle!

So here we have Rondito the Liar. This fun little guy came about because of our previous supervisor turned best pal! The guy worked his butt off and tried as he might he (and by extension we) were always to blame for anything that went wrong. People would even go so far as to say that he was a liar. I was even witness to sales people lying about Ron lying about things! Wrap your nugget around that one. Honest mistakes would be turned into lifelong vendettas just because people are small and spiteful. And if their assumed mistake was disproved and turned back on them there'd be a blood debt to be paid some day...!

And so we in the graphics department took to calling him Rondito the Liar. Because Rondito was a despicable character that would pick pocket your lunch money, give you a wedgie, then walk off with your girl. Come to think of it, this guy is pretty cool!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Elusive Ogre

Everyone's seen that old footage of Bigfoot traipsing through the woods. You know the one. This picture of Jason always makes me think of that image of Bigfoot passing by the camera. Except Jason looks exactly like a pink Shrek. I'm not exaggerating, either. Think about this: Do you know anyone who's cheeks you can see from behind their head? No? Well, I do. And he is lovingly referred to as Shrek throughout the plant. But he's more like you'd expect an ogre to really be. He drinks. He smokes. He's not all that bright. But he tries hard and he means well.

Shrek has also had what has to be one of the worst month's of anyone I've met at the Press. First: His 48" plasma television gets stolen. That would suck pretty hard for any guy, am I right? Follow that up with his mustang getting hit in our parking lot during work by some old guy that then tried to escape the scene! It happened right in front of Shrek and he still had to be urged to chase the old fogey down. He gets that fixed a couple of days later. Just in time to get in trouble for motoring himself home after a couple of Busch Lights. And then his car gets stolen!

Of course it was found a week later a block away from his house. So my personal theory is that he was drunk and forgot where he parked his car.

Gotta love that ogre!