Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Elusive Ogre

Everyone's seen that old footage of Bigfoot traipsing through the woods. You know the one. This picture of Jason always makes me think of that image of Bigfoot passing by the camera. Except Jason looks exactly like a pink Shrek. I'm not exaggerating, either. Think about this: Do you know anyone who's cheeks you can see from behind their head? No? Well, I do. And he is lovingly referred to as Shrek throughout the plant. But he's more like you'd expect an ogre to really be. He drinks. He smokes. He's not all that bright. But he tries hard and he means well.

Shrek has also had what has to be one of the worst month's of anyone I've met at the Press. First: His 48" plasma television gets stolen. That would suck pretty hard for any guy, am I right? Follow that up with his mustang getting hit in our parking lot during work by some old guy that then tried to escape the scene! It happened right in front of Shrek and he still had to be urged to chase the old fogey down. He gets that fixed a couple of days later. Just in time to get in trouble for motoring himself home after a couple of Busch Lights. And then his car gets stolen!

Of course it was found a week later a block away from his house. So my personal theory is that he was drunk and forgot where he parked his car.

Gotta love that ogre!

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