Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Now that the naughty are finished hiding from Krampus it's time to start with the art posting! This particular drawing was one of many silly little doodles I've done based on the people around me. The original drawings were mostly done in ball point pen and put up on our map of Ohio for passersby to see.

These two affectionate fellows are Greg (left) and Hunter (right). Hunter and Greg have a unique relationship. Though superficially very different they will be man-mates forever. You ever have two straight friends that wouldn't be the least bit embarrassed to fall asleep in one another's arms? Yeah, me neither. They should just stop pretending. Anyway, Hunter and Greg were inspired by a video of two guys high-fiving in numerous and entertaining ways. So inspired, in fact, that they adopted this hobby. Hobby? Nay! Dare I call it a lifestyle? So every day they'd waste multitudes of minutes creating new high fives. Each one bringing them closer together, both emotionally and physically. And so I present the High Fives.

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  1. I must say that I miss all the scaring that went on. Hunter loved to jump out and scare everyone. I miss the gang and way things were.