Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chuck's Wagon

Chuck is one of the warehouse personnel at The Press. He's kind of in charge of riding around on his forklift and drinking coffee. Not necessarily in that order. Anyhow, for some reason he has his own office secluded in a rarely travelled portion of our most distant warehouse.

Anyway, Chuck couldn't be bothered to bring a palette full of materials anywhere near our office. Then the plant manager would wonder, rather out loud at Bob, why our materials are just sitting around instead of being put away. At which point Bob made it clear that it was unrealistic that we travel across the plant like the Fellowship of the Ring multiple times to get our film, plates, paper, and chemicals. "Why is it so far away?" wondered the plant manager. Because Chuck is a douchebag. A lazy douchebag.

Bob was assured that this would never happen again by the annoyed plant manager. Then Bob proudly told us this story and capped it with, "I fixed HIS wagon!"

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