Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prepare to be Dazzled!

Office hijinks were once like a sport to us. Nary a day went by that we didn't play a joke on someone. Even if it was just scaring Ron so badly that he spilled his tea all over himself. (Kudos, Greggycakes!)

But this little gem was a brainchild of my very own. I'd had the idea for some time, just germinating in the malicious waters of my nether brain. It festered there for quite a while. Fortunately my lovely wife played a part in making it happen. In a way you could really blame her. I mean she bought the dazzles from the store. So really, all I did was make use of the product in a way that was both entertaining and frustrating. Frustrating for Matt.

I dazzled his mouse so hard you could scarcely look at it in that luscious phosphorescent lighting we have in our basement-like office. It gleamed for yards around. It was glorious. Full of chuckles, we returned early in the morning to see Matt's reaction. He seemed to think it best to downplay his outrage and not indulge our childishness. So he simply traded his mouse with a spare in the office. But a good laugh was had by all. Except Matt.

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