Monday, July 26, 2010


When I was but a lad one of my favorite video games for my beloved NES was Mike Tyson's Punch Out! That's right! The original game, not the one with that Mr. Dream guy. Felling Tyson with his pink-pulsining power punches and winky-warning wallops was a true challenge of a sugared up pre-teens reflexes! Getting to Tyson was a feat in itself for most of us. I didn't say we were any good.

What's more that game had some awesomely ridonkulous characters. Guys like Glass Joe, Don Flamenco, Bald Bull, and Soda Popinski!? And my personal favorite: King Hippo! A man-mountain of questionable origin. Hippo Island in the South Pacific? Please. Every fight fan knows you were the result of ambient radiation from nuclear testing on hippos.

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